Foto: Andreas Terlaak

Schon Anfang nächsten Monats erscheint die neue Platte vom niederländischen Singer-Songwriter Blaudzun. Der zweite Part seiner „Jupiter Trilogy“ dürfte den Fans des ersten Albums ebenfalls sehr gefallen, mehr dazu aber in den nächsten Tagen in einer ausführlichen Rezension bei uns. Im Interview mit Mastermind Johannes Sigmond alias Blaudzun habe ich ihn unter anderem gefragt, welches der beiden Alben schwieriger zu produzieren war und welches sein aktuelles Lieblingsalbum ist.

The first part of the Jupiter trilogy came out last year. What can fans expect of the second part? How would you describe the sound in comparison to Jupiter I?

Part II again contains 9 new songs. Melody and drums are the ones in charge. The inflections of the bass and drums shift and alternate repeatedly, a bit like an ebb and flow-effect. Also, Jupiter Part II features more traditional song structures than on Part I.

Which of these two Jupiter albums were more difficult to work on and why?

Part II was more difficult I guess. Touring with Jupiter Part I, writing on part II, doing promo stuff and recording in the same period is a bitch. But I liked it. It’s been very stimulating, especially the pace in which I’m producing a record. There’s always a sense of risk involved, and I really enjoy that.

„It would be great to open for Lady Gaga sometimes.“

I saw Blaudzun at the Reeperbahn Festival last year and was totally impressed by the live performance of your band and the quality of the new songs. During the creation process of writing your songs, do you consider the sound effect on stage?

While writing I’m focusing on melody and story trying to mold my moods into the right tunes. After that first process of jamming and writing I tend to arrange for studio recording not for stage performances. But when the album’s done I usually make some adjustments in sound or arrangements to get the right tone and energy on stage if necessary.

Do you have any current artists of whom you are really impressed? What is your favorite album at the moment?

I was really blown away by A Tribe Called Quest’s latest record. I’m a hip-hop fan and as soon as I started listening „We got it from Here…“ I couldn’t stop listening for weeks. It’s a modern classic.

If you could be the support of any band of your choice, which one would you choose and why?

It would be great to open for Lady Gaga sometimes. I would love to see all those horrific faces and disapproving glances in the crowd when I start playing my songs.

In August you will play at the „A Summer’s Tale Festival“. Will Blaudzun play any other festivals in Germany? Will you go on a club tour with your new album this year?

Definitely, me and my band will be headlining „Orange Blossom Special“ which is a great festival. We’ll do one Berlin gig in April and another big festival in August. Most dates still have to be announced. Keep an eye on Blaudzun socials and website!

Thank you very much for this interview and hopefully we will see Blaudzun next year in Germany!