Foto: Allen Ralph

Bei Dispatch denken Musikfans nicht nur an gute Laune und stimmungsvolle Liveauftritte, sondern auch an gesellschaftskritische Lyrics. Diesen Spagat schafften die Jungs abermals mit ihrem neuen Werk „America, Location 12“. Das neue Album hallt in Dauerschleife durch meine Boxen und der Auftritt beim Reeperbahn Festival ist fest im Timetable eingeplant. Deshalb freut es mich umso mehr, dass sich der Schlagzeuger Brad Zeit für unser NOISIV INTERVIEW genommen hat, bei dem er unter anderem über die Motivation der Band berichtet und welche Kraft aus Musik entspringt.

You spent a lot of time in creating „America, Location 12“ and worked on it in different sessions. Is it an advantage or are there also disadvantages to have this large amount of time in the creative process? Do you think you achieved a point where you can mostly work independently without having pressure with major labels?

I feel like we had just the right amount of time not too much and not too little to be really deliberate about how we approached preparing for and recording the album. And we’re so grateful to be recording music without any one else’s expectations or pressures, so working without a major label is fine with us!

I found it quite difficult to name a favorite song from your new album. Apart from the fact that the whole album is excellent, it might be Ghost Town because it easily caused a earworm while listening. Also Skin Rabbit with its interesting lyrics and distorted guitar is a brilliant tune. Do you have a favorite track?

I think „Rice Water“ is becoming my favorite song because of how much political weight the song carries. It speaks to the most basic human desire for a safe place to live at any cost, and how kids in central America are having to leave their families behind to jump trains north to the hope of a safe place to start over and singing it live is also becoming an unexpected highlight in our lives shows bc we’re playing it acoustic up front, all 5 of us straight across. So it feels super stripped down, raw, and visceral. One of the most powerful emotional moments of fan interaction!

In my review about America, Location 12 I wrote that you can sing about serious topics and create a lot of fun at the same time. Every time I’m seeing videos of your live performances you are spreading out positive vibes although your lyrics can sometimes be really thought-provoking. What keeps you so positive despite the current problems in the world?

That is so great thank you for saying that. Music is what keeps us so positive because it has such an inclusive and powerful force to it and can be used to bring people together and spread hope. We really do believe in the power of hope and the power of community coming together, and that it’s greater than all of the media’s amplification problems in the world does cast a particular darkness, but also allows for light to breakthrough when people choose to focus their energy on being one, holding to hope, speaking truth etc.

„I’d say we all agree the best era for music was the 60s and 70s when artists weren’t afraid to take a really strong political stand in their music and songwriting.”

After the whole years and so many shows you played, are there any songs you are really fed up to play and would love to throw out of your setlist or do you still like to play all of your famous songs?

I think we are really lucky to have a very loyal and generous fanbase that will allow us to leave some things behind in the name of evolving and focusing on moving the band forward while also playing the fan anthems from back in the day. So gratefully nothing comes to mind that we are fed up with. :)

You sing about a lot of different issues on your current album. Do you think it’s a problem that most of the big mainstream bands during these days sing more about lovestorys and dancing instead of approaching important subjects?

We are drawn to the power of how music can be infused with protest, controversy, hope, vulnerability, all of it. I’d say we all agree the best era for music was the 60s and 70s when artists weren’t afraid to take a really strong political stand in their music and songwriting. And so we are really hoping there will be a return to more bands taking strong stand in their song writing and speaking clearly to the current state of media and politics. Rage Against the Machine was and still is one of our favorite bands, along with CSN, Creedence, Pink Floyd etc.

In autumn you will come back to play some shows in Germany. You will also play at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg. What do you associated with Hamburg?

The Beatles!!! And great people & food!

Compared to the big shows in America you still play in smaller clubs in Germany. Do you prefer to play the big shows or the intimate ones?

A show is a show is a show. We are just stoked to play any and all. Our absolute favorite shows are usually outdoors whether big or small tho.

Dispatch: Deutschland-Tour 2017

  • 15.09. – München, Backstage Werk
  • 16.09. – Hannover, Faust
  • 17.09. – Köln, Live Music Hall
  • 19.09. – Berlin, Columbia Theater
  • 20.09. – Hamburg, Reeperbahn Festival
  • 21.09. – Frankfurt, Batschkapp