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Dear english readers, please find the second episode of the East Cameron Folkcore Tour Diary below.

Nach dem ersten Tagebucheintrag von East-Cameron-Folkcore-Drummer James Taylor folgt nun der Zweite! Was passiert eigentlich, wenn man als Band eine Ländergrenze überschreiten will? Wie reagiert die offen politische Band auf den Ausgang der US-Präsidentschaftswahl? Und wie haben sie die Konzerte in Dresden, Bremen und Hamburg erlebt? Das und mehr beschreibt er uns heute!

[12:00pm, Monday, Swiss-Austrian border]

You know what’s not fun? Being detained at the Swiss-Austrian border for five hours! What a mess. Swiss Border Patrol fine us because our van was “overweight” and told us we needed to rent a 2nd vehicle to get across the border. We haven’t eaten anything today and it’s freezing cold. But, on all sides we are surrounded by snow capped mountains, and really it’s hard to be mad about anything in this moment. Ok, it’s pretty fucking frustrating. Make the best of it, right? Finally get on the road around 5pm. A long and arduous day, completely unexpected. Day off wasted.

[2pm, Tuesday, Salzburg]


My first blog post went live on noisiv.de today. I hope you are enjoying it! Woke up today at our band flat above Rockhaus Salzburg and set out exploring with Mary Beth. Salzburg is an absolutely beautiful town. We start our day at Darwin’s Cafe. From there we visit Mozart’s birth house, Salzburg Cathedral, and had the best cup of coffee ever at Kaffee-Alchemie. Walking around Salzburg Cathedral is awe-inspiring, the silence is powerful. MB heads back to the apartment and I walk around the city some more taking photos and listening to Bill Evans and Cannonball Adderly’s Know What I Mean. (Such a great record if you haven’t heard it). Speaking of records, on the way back to the venue I stopped at Musikladen, a great little record store, and tried my hardest not to buy anything. Decide that lugging records around Europe for another week and a half is a disservice to the records.

Looking forward to the show in Salzburg tonight but the election is ever present in my mind. Can’t wait to get off stage and check the news.

Phil spent his birthday detained by Swiss Border Patrol, so our dear friend and number one fan Franziska brought him birthday cupcakes to the Salzburg show. What a sweet gal.

[5am, Wednesday, Salzburg]

It’s 5am in Salzburg and most of the polls are closing in the United States. I never imagined waking up to this shocking reality. A bigoted, misogynist, reality television star has just been elected President of the United States. I lie in bed and cry a little and try not to wake my bandmembers up. As soon as they are awake, I break the news to them. The shock sets in. Throughout the day we attempt to make sense of the reality of what has happened, texting friends and family back home, realizing the gravity of the situation we are now faced with. (For the record, rereading my previous blog post I find my arrogance and assuredness to be… disheartening? I can’t believe we thought this would be an easy defeat. But I suppose the writing was on the wall).

East Cameron Folkcore: Erster Eintrag im Tour-Tagebuch

Dear english readers, please find the first episode of the East Cameron Folkcore Tour Diary below. Dieser Tage sind East Cameron Folkcore aus dem US-texanischen... Weiterlesen →

[11pm, Wednesday, Dresden]

Just finished our first show living in this new world order. Through every song we play, I hang on Jesse and Blake’s words, realizing again the power of the lyrics. This is protest music. I’ve never been more proud to be playing these songs. Several folks want to discuss the election results after the show. One gentlemen says, quite bluntly, “you guys fucked up.” Yeah bud, we know. Our friends over here tell us about AfD and the rising tide of fascism in Europe. From Putin to Brexit to Trump and AfD, these things are all connected and all very frightening. “The time for anger is over. The time to organize is now.”

[6pm, Thursday, on the road from Dresden to Nuremberg]


Woke up in Dresden before anyone else and went to explore by myself. Walking into the old city of Dresden is a time warp. On all sides, you are surrounded by cathedrals and museums that were rebuilt after the bombing of Dresden. The effects of fascism, the war and the Allies response to it, took this town and its people. The survivors rebuilt what they could, and returned their once great city to its former glory. Feels good to walk around by myself and contemplate everything going on back home.

The last couple nights have led to much discussion amongst the band, and with friends back home, about what to do next. Some Germans want to talk politics, others seem hesitant, which I guess is nice – we’re all still trying to make sense of things ourselves. So many more conversations to be had.

[11pm, Friday, Bremen]


The crowd at Tower in Bremen sang along and started a mosh pit and made it evident that we were back in the North. It was fantastic to see everyone from our label, Grand Hotel Van Cleef, and our former tour managers, Mareike and Susan, at the show. Really excited to get back to Hamburg, our second home. Plus we have a day off Sunday and considering our last day off was spent at the Swiss border, I’d say we’re ready for this. Another excellent show, hats off to the great folks at Tower Bremen.

[1pm, Sunday, Hamburg]


Our first day in Hamburg is spent doing laundry, eating fish and chips, and playing with toys and shopping for new gear at Just Music. The show was packed with friendly faces. We owe a huge thank you to our friends and family in Hamburg who continue to support us. After the show we drop our stuff off at our band apartment and set out to explore the Reeperbahn. We end up at Molotow, which as far as I can tell is the only sane place on the Reeperbahn, and it’s still pretty insane. I dance to a garage punk band covering The Who in a tiny basement and think “what is this life?!” Outstanding times, cannot wait to explore Hamburg more today.