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Fatherson sind wieder da und das rockiger als erwartet! Nach ihrem letzten Werk „Open Book“ melden sich Ross Leighton, Marc Strain und Greg Walkinshaw mit ihrem neuen Album „Sum Of All Your Parts“ zurück. Passend zum Release Day durften wir unseren Lieblings-Schotten ein paar Fragen stellen. Im Interview verriet uns Frontmann Ross Leighton einige Hintergründe über die Songtexte, Tour-Rituale und natürlich, was das neue Album für ihn bedeutet.

Selbstbewusster denn je: Fatherson mit überragendem Album „Sum Of All Your Parts“!

Es gibt sie. Diese positive Spannung in der Luft, wenn eine deiner Lieblingsbands ein neues Album ankündigt. Und schon steht die große Frage im Raum:... Weiterlesen →

First of all: Congratulations to your new album „Sum Of All Your Parts“. I’m absolutely blown away by the new songs! What’s the story behind the title?

„’Sum Of All Your Parts‘ is like cards on the table – this is all I have.”

„Sum Of All Your Parts“ is like cards on the table – this is all I have. For us this album is the culmination of all the parts about music we love coming together and us giving all we have into the process and this album being the outcome.

The sound of „Sum Of All Your Parts“ is a lot rougher than expected! How do you think your sound has changed throughout your albums?

I think this album was born out of writing music the way we did when we first started. For like 9 months we set up in an old call centre and built a studio in it and just played loud music with each other. It was so inspiring and freeing to be able to just make music that sounded like 3 guys playing in a room. Beforehand we had another member and when he left we still felt the hangover of being a 4 piece on the second record. However, this time we just made the music we thought was cool and that we could handle with three of us – and as a result it’s our favourite yet.

Your first EP „Where The Water Meets The Land“ was released 8 years ago. You toured a lot and recorded 3 albums. Would you say being a part of Fatherson for all these years formed you all as being the individuals you are now?

We have been in this band for as long as I can remember, I think it has taught us a good work ethic and how to be patient. We’re not kids anymore and now we know what we want and have a better idea of how to get it! I think we’ve been supremely fortunate to have been able to do this for so many years and still love each other and be excited together about all that the future has in store for us.

Your lyrics always seemed to be very personal. Where did you find the inspiration for the lyrics on the new album?

„I think I maybe changed the way I code my lyrics.”

I suppose some of the lyrics on this album are a bit more abstract. Reading back over it, I think I maybe changed the way I code my lyrics. Whereas beforehand I had a pretty general view about what it was like to grow up and go through all the trials and tribulations of that. This time I’ve gone for a bit more of a super personal approach with them. I reckon that people will still be able to figure out what the lyrics mean to them but this time I have a much larger affinity with them also.

I personally think „Gratitude“ is such an intensive and powerful song. In the lyrics you say „I think I think too much“. Is being on stage and perform a way to get a free mind and escape from your thoughts?

When you’re in the swing of it for sure, this album is so fun to play start to finish and it’s way more groovy than anything we’ve done before so I’m excited to sink into it and escape at the shows.

You are coming on tour and there are some German dates! Are there some pre-gig rituals that you have, you can reveal to our readers?

I do some yoga and stretches and maybe some breathing exercises beforehand to make sure I can put on a good show. Then have a glass of red wine and relax – Roddy from Idlewild once told me: “you can’t put too much pressure on yourself, you can only do what you can do so just have a beer and get on with it” and that sort of stayed with me. Just enjoy yourself and everyone will enjoy themselves with you!

How does it feel when you see fans singing all the words of your songs like „Hometown“ or „James“, which you released all these years ago?

„Those songs still mean so much to us.“

Fans singing along basically started with these songs and we’ve been blessed with it happening ever since. Those songs still mean so much to us and we play them quite frequently still, it’s amazing because it gives a true taste of our fans that they are on board with it all and know it so well. It never ceases to be incredible.

What are you listening to at the moment? Do you have some good advises for our readers?

At the moment I’ve been listening to a band called Blue Americans from Northern Ireland a lot. Also a Scottish band called Young Fathers just put out an amazing new album called „Cocoa Sugar“.

We’ve seen you get in touch with your fans via Facebook messenger and deliver them all the important news first hand. Do you think it’s important to reach out to your fans in new ways?

I’m really not much of a social media user personally so the only way I really use it is to reach out to fans. It’s been super fun connecting with people through Facebook messenger and comments and stuff and getting to know the people that are coming to the shows. I feel very honoured that I get to travel and play shows and love chatting to the people who make it possible!

NOISIV PRESENTS: Fatherson mit neuem Album in Deutschland und in die Schweiz

  • 13.10. Köln, Blue Shell
  • 14.10. Berlin, Musik & Frieden
  • 16.10. CH – Zürich, Werk 21
  • 19.10. Frankfurt, Nachtleben
  • 20.10. Hamburg, Molotow