Foto: Dan Harris

Foto: Dan Harris

Vor nicht mal zwei Wochen ist ihr neues Album „Open Book“ erschienen und schon haben wir sie im exklusiven NOISIV INTERVIEW: Die schottischen Indie-Rocker von Fatherson. Meine Begeisterung für die neuen Songs sind groß, wie in der Review nachzulesen. Mit dieser Meinung scheine ich nicht allein dazustehen, denn „Open Book“ stieg direkt auf Platz 2 der schottischen und Platz 20 der UK Album Charts ein. Für das Interview hat sich Sänger Ross Leighton ein wenig Zeit genommen, um meine Fragen ausführlich zu beantworten! Hello Fatherson. Thanks’ for taking the time to answer some questions! First of all, congrats for your new album “Open Book”, which was recently released in Germany! I’m listening to the new songs over and over at home and I think especially “Just Past The Point Of Breaking” is such a catchy tune. How long did it take to write and produce the new album?

Ross Leighton: Thank you very much! I think we spent three months writing and recording the album between May and September last year. We spent some time in my old bedroom in Kilmarnock just getting really loud and piecing things together from various voice memos we had of ideas from soundchecks and rehearsals, then wrote a bunch of new music. In July we demo’d about 20 songs, from that we chose the 12 that we wanted to be Open Book.

We then moved into recording it which we did over three weeks, starting in Gorbals Sound in Glasgow then onto Rockfield studios in Wales and finished it off between 45-aside studios and our producer Bruce Rintoul’s bedroom in Glasgow. With the help of Bruce and Jason Perry taking care of the production, it was an awesome experience writing and recording the album!

Looking back at your first EP “Where The Water Meets The Land” from 2010 to “Open Book” in 2016, what changed the most in the last six years for you being a band?

I just think we’ve found a way that works for us in terms of our live shows and recordings. I’m looking forward to being able to play a much more varied live set now that the “Open Book” is out! We’re also looking forward to seeing how we can mix it up a bit moving forward.

Fatherson - Open Book - Artwork

Personally for me, I recognized that the meaning in your lyrics changed in the last years. Especially the song “Open Book” has such powerful lyrics. Where does this come from? Did you advance your personalities through being a band and making all these experiences together?

The lyrics for title track “Open Book” and the whole album to be honest, are about being afraid that you’re a bit empty. I think that as I’m getting older I’m able to describe how I’m feeling or how I felt about a situation with a bit more dignity than in the past. That’s what excites me about music. Listening to someone take you in a different direction that you thought they would. I hope there are some songs like that on this album for other people.

I’m scared that you find out,
that I’m an open book with no pages.

Fatherson – Open Book

I think when you’ve grown up with people in such close quarters in front of audiences it becomes much easier to make friends with people. Your core support group is already there and we are all comfortable with people, which has been a great thing. I also think we aren’t any different than how we portray ourselves as a band, which I like. There’s no bullshit. It has definitely positively shaped us as people and I think that’s the same for most in our position, we have the opportunity to live out what we’ve always dreamed of!

I’ve seen a special picture on your Facebook account with people having Fatherson tattoos. Must be crazy feeling that people identify theirselves so much with your music for making such a permanent decision!

Foto: Facebook / Fatherson

Foto: Facebook / Fatherson

It’s the most incredible compliment that someone would connect with you on such a permanent personal way. I’ve met a few people with Fatherson tattoos and I always choke up a bit when I see them or even think about it. If your music touches another person ever then you’ve done something right!

If I would look into your phone, which bands do you hear the most at the moment? Do you have some personal tips for us?

I keep hearing about The Japanese House and a band called WHITE from Glasgow. Also we’ve been listening to a lot of Bjork but everyone knows who she is!

Which was the last concerts you visited?

The last gig I went to was The 1975 in the academy in Glasgow. Hands down the best production I’ve ever seen.

Last year I’ve seen you live at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg. What are your plans for this year? We hope to see you back in Germany soon!

We are hopefully going to be hanging out and playing shows all over Europe after summer promoting the new album!

Thanks for doing this interview. It was a blast!

Foto: Dan Harris

Foto: Dan Harris