The Blue Stones - Black Holes

Foto: eOne / SPV

Mit ihrem Debütalbum „Black Holes“ sowie ihren dazugehörigen Auftritten beim Reeperbahn Festival haben sich The Blue Stones zu einem meiner persönlich heißesten Newcomer des Jahres entwickelt. Bevor sie demnächst als Support mit Welshly Arms erneut in Hamburg auftreten, haben sie uns noch ein kleines Interview gegeben.

The Blue Stones were formed in 2011. It took a while until you released your first album. What was the reason for the delay and do you feel some kind of relief now?

Our album was delayed because it was during a period of transition for us. We were changing from an independent band, to one that was working alongside a management company and record label. We really wanted to explain to our fans why we could release our music at the time, but it was just not possible. Thankfully, now that the album is finally out, we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Two people making solid rock music creates automatically comparisons with bands like The Black Keys or The White Stripes? Do you agree with that?

I would be lying if I said they were not influences for us. Of course they were. And for most people, they are going to want to compare us to somebody because it helps them understand our music. Even though I do believe that we are different from those two duos, I am flattered by the comparison. If it helps you connect more with our music, compare away!

In September you played the first time in Germany and performed three times at the Reeperbahn Festival. How was your time in Hamburg and what experience have you gained?

Hamburg was an incredible experience. It was so great to play Reeperbahn for the first time and have such strong support from German fans. It was one of our favourite festivals we have ever played, and will always be a fond memory. Experience-wise, there is one major fact that we learned: German people love to rock out.

You are coming back to support Welshly Arms on their tour. When will you play your next headline shows in Germany?

Touring with Welshly has been great. They are very genuine people, and incredible artists as well. It has been a fantastic learning experience for us, but also a great way of getting our music out there. Hopefully we can build up enough support to do a headlining tour of our own in the next few years!

Now musicblogs and magazines will select their top albums of the year. Which three albums would you choose?

Excellent question. My choices would be: Mo Lowda & The Humble – Creatures, TrenchTwenty One Pilots, and Performance – White Denim.

Thank you very much!

The Blue Stones Live mit Welshly Arms in Deutschland

  • 11.11. – Hamburg, Logo
  • 12.11. – Köln, Gloria Theater