The Race For Space Album Cover Public Service Broadcasting
Pünktlich zum Start von Hurricane und Southside haben wir die Jungs von Public Service Broadcasting unter anderem über das besondere an Festivalauftritten und ihre eigenen Pläne bei dem Zwillingsfestival befragt.

Your new album The Race for Space was released in February. Are
you excited about the reaction of the audience at your live gigs?

It’s been going pretty well so far, so yes! Our German dates were good fun and we’re looking forward to heading back there for H&S.

Which of your songs is your favorite to perform live?

At the moment I really enjoy playing ‘Go!’ – it’s very fast and energetic and people get really drawn into it, so it’s a fun one to do. It does change all the time, though, which is one of the funny things of being on tour. You get bored of some songs and then a week later you like them again!

Which band or artist you have seen live so far was the most impressive?

Too many to list, but I always enjoy watching My Morning Jacket.

You are due to play at the Hurricane and Southside Festivals. What can we expect from you?

An all-out audio-visual assault! Or something slightly more modest. We’ll be chucking about 20 instruments on stage, a bunch of projections and a load of semi-reliable kit, so one way or another it’ll be an interesting watch, we hope.

What do you thing is so special about playing festivals in comparison to concerts?

The crowds, really. Crowds at festivals are so much fun because they’re up for it and really just want to go for it. On a wet Tuesday night somewhere it can be more of a struggle, but even if it’s chucking it down at a festival you know the crowd are really on your side and just want to have a good time. Then there’s the bonus of drawing people in who know nothing about you, but just see this weird setup on stage and hear this odd music and think ‘what on earth is this?!’. Hopefully they end up staying and enjoying it!

In your freetime, do you go to festivals, if you are not on tour?

It’s been a while, because we’ve been touring so relentlessly since the start of 2013, but yes. I like how relaxed everyone is at festivals. The bigger ones get a bit much for me as I get older but it’s still fun to dip in and out of them.

Do you already know, if you are going to see any other gigs at Hurricane and Southside or won’t you have time?

I think we’re pretty pushed for time so aren’t really going to be able to hang around that much, but we’ll hopefully be able to watch a bit of Mø on stage before us both days at least!

Thank you for taking time. We are looking forward to see you at the Hurricane Festival in Scheeßel.

Ihr neues Werk The Race for Space erschien am 23. Februar via Test Card Recordings.