mikal-cronin-mciiiEs ist noch nicht lange her, als ich das neue großartige Album von Mikal Cronin namens MCIII rezensierte. Nun hatte ich die Gelegenheit, ihm ein paar Fragen stellen zu können.

Hey Mikal, congratulations on MCIII, its a fantastic tune. How would you describe your music for someone who has never heard anything of you before?

I guess I could describe it as “aggressive pop”. I always have a focus on strong melodies but also is very dynamic and striking in tone, volume and emotions.

What are your inspirations when you are writing new songs?

I’m lucky to be surrounded by a lot of great friends who are heavily involved in all kinds of music, so I’m definitely influenced by them both in terms of records we’re all sharing and also their strong work ethic. But I honestly try not to listen to much music when I’m writing songs, because it’s so easy to accidentally take parts of music you’re listening to and incorporate elements of their style into your own music. At least that’s true for me. But basically it’s always a swirl of all the different music I’ve been interested in over the years, and trying to incorporate them all intoa cohesive style.

After the release of MCIII you are going to be on tour. What do you like about being on tour and what don’t you like?

Tour is amazing but it can also be hard physically and psychologically if you are gone too long. I’ve been so lucky to be able to travel to a lot of places I’d never typically get to go, and at the same time you don’t get much time to experience those places… you’re just in and out in a handful of hours. It just takes some adjusting to not always have your own bed to sleep in, and it makes normal relationships back at home more difficult. It’s amazing and exhausting all at once.

In summer you are due to play in Cologne and Berlin. Are there any other future plans for gigs in Germany?

Stay tuned, we’ll be back soon.

In the end of may you will play at the Primavera Festival. Which bands are you planning to see there if you have time for it?

It seems like we’ll only get to be there the day we play due to tour, but on that thursday I’d definitely go see fellow Merge band Twerps. I’ll be watching the Replacements for sure. I haven’t seen The Black Keys since 2004 so I’ll see what they’re up to. Also Sunn and Thurston Moore. Other than that I’ll just wander around and hopefully hear some good stuff.

Thank you Mikal!

MCIII erschien am 1. Mai via Merge Records / Cargo Records. Im Juni wird Mikal Cronin noch für zwei Termine in Deutschland zu sehen sein.

  • 08.06.15 – Berlin  (Lido)
  • 09.06.15 – Köln    (Gebäude 9)