K.Flay Fotocredit: Phillip Schestag

Fotocredit: Phillip Schestag

Ein Montag ist für ein Konzert möglicherweise der undankbarste Tag. Dennoch konnte mich nichts von einem Konzertbesuch von K.Flay in der Markthalle in Hamburg abhalten! Die US-Künstlerin hatte in diesem Jahr ihr drittes Album „Solutions“ veröffentlicht und ist seit Ende Oktober in Europa unterwegs. Als Support war Your Smith aus Minneapolis vertreten und konnte mit ihrem Mix aus Pop und R&B gemischt mit eingespielten Beats den Abend musikalisch passend eröffnen. Die Musikerin hatte mit ihrem sympathischen Auftreten den ein oder anderen Fan neu hinzugewonnen und freute sich über den positiven Zuspruch im Publikum.

Gemeinsam mit einem Gitarristen, der auch den Bass bediente, sowie einem Schlagzeuger, lieferte K.Flay eine energiegeladenen Performance ab. Dabei lag der Fokus der Setlist auf den neuen Songs, die bereits lautstark mitgesungen wurden und frenetisch gefeiert wurden. Allerdings gab es natürlich auch die Hits aus dem Vorgängeralbum „Every Where Is Some Where“ mit Songs wie „High Enough“ oder „Giver“. Ein toller Moment waren die beiden Songs „Nervous“ sowie „Can’t Sleep“, welche akustisch performten wurden.

Nachdem das Konzert wuchtig mit „Not In California“ eröffnet wurde, endete ein tolles Konzert mit den Zugaben „Sister“ sowie dem größten Hit „Blood In The Cut“. Kristine Flaherty alias K.Flay hat eindrucksvoll bewiesen, dass sie nicht nur gute Platten machen kann, sondern auch eine großartige Livekünstlerin ist.

Ich hatte zuvor die Gelegnheiten K.Flay ein paar Fragen im NOISIV Interview via Mail zu stellen.

Your new album, in comparison to „Every Where Is Some Where“, seems to to me less darker and more influenced by adding pop elements. Was it your intention, to change your music towards that new style?

I was in a very different headspace when I started working on Solutions. I had just finished two years of touring, I was falling in love, I was learning to live in Los Angeles and make a real home for myself. The shift you’re mentioning, toward positivity, hopefulness – that was intentional. My guiding principle when writing music is to do whatever feels the scariest, the riskiest. And challenging myself to be hopeful in this kind of terrifying world we live in felt really scary. So that’s what I did.

Did you feel a kind of pressure before the release of „Solutions“, after your pre release album were celebrated from your fans as well as reviewers? Can you disengage yourself from these opinions?

I felt a little bit of pressure, but mainly excitement. I’m pretty good about disengaging from comments and critics and reviews. For me, the barometer is whether I feel energized and proud of the music. And whether I’ve been able to grow and develop as a writer. Which I think I have! At least I hope so.

At the end of October you will be in Germany to present your new album „Solutions“. How excited are you to present your new songs in front of a live audience?

So excited. The live show is the moment when everything comes together – it’s the space where I get to express myself, the audience gets to express themselves, and nothing is certain. In the best way. We’ve played Cologne and Berlin so far, and both shows were incredible. I’m really looking forward to Hamburg.

Which assoziations do vou connect with the fortcomimg tour through Germany, especially with the show in Hamburg?

I have such great memories of my time spent here. Germany was one of the first countries outside of the US where my music had a real audience. So I feel very grateful and lucky whenever I’m here.

Do you have any certain plans for next year, for example festivals appearances, new songs or a long break?

My plans are more shows, more songs, more collaborations.

Another Subject: In an Interview you mentioned, Coldplays „Parachutes“ in a positive way. You reported that you have got tickets for their concert when it came out. Are you still a deticated fan or are you meanwhile also dissapointed by their musical developement, like others?

I’m certainly still a fan of „Parachutes“ and „A Rush of Blood to the Head“ – I was actually talking about those records with a friend just yesterday. I haven’t kept current with their later releases, to be honest, but I love those first two albums.

At the end of this year music magazines and reviewers are collecting the best of 2019 lists. Which albums would you like to highlight?

Ooh. I’ve loved The National’s „I Am Easy To Find“, „Norman Fucking Rockwell“ from Lana Del Rey, Julia Jacklin’s „Crushing“, and „Saves The World“ from MUNA.