Du befindest dich auf deiner eigenen Geburtstagsparty. Das Haus ist voll, deine Freunde sind das vielleicht auch. Draußen, wo die Luft noch unweit angenehmer und die Bässe weniger aufdringlich wirken, geht die Party für dich erst richtig los: Du trägst die alte Gitarre deines Vaters auf deiner Schulter und die Stimme einer wunderschönen Unbekannten an deiner Seite. Freunde haben sie mitgebracht. Ihr Name ist Yael Shoshana Cohen, deiner Gil Landau. Zusammen nennt ihr euch eines Tages Lola Marsh.

Das ist sie, die Entstehungsgeschichte einer jungen Band aus Tel Aviv. Ungleich hinreißend und verführerisch ist auch ihr bisheriges Werk: „You’re Mine“ haben sie ihre erste EP genannt, auf der sie wunderschöne Popmelodien für Sommertage pressten, ohne dabei auch nur einmal kitschig klingen. Ihr atmosphärischer Dream-Pop hat sie hierzulande bereits auf große Festivals und dem Vorprogramm von AnnenMayKantereit manövrieren können. Not too bad.

Die Band, zu der sich mittlerweile auch Mati Gilad (Bass), Rami Osservaser (Gitarre, Piano) und Dekel Dvir (Drums) gesellt haben, erntete schnell meinen tiefsten Respekt, spielte sie am Vortag doch bereits im Rahmen des Reeperbahn Festivals 2016 auf Ray’s Reeperbahn Revue, dem N-Joy Reeperbus und im Terrace Hill. Ohne jeden Schlaf, wie sie mir später erzählten. Andere machen weniger in einem ganzen Jahr. Keine Frage, ein Gespräch musste her.

Ehe also das Interview mit Yael und Gil seinen Anfang nehmen sollte, nahm ich mir erstmal die Zeit die Speicherkarte meines Aufnahmegerätes durchzupusten. Es erinnerte ein Stückweit an die Reinigung alter Nintendo-Kassetten. Sängerin Yael betonte noch eben ihre Liebe zu Super Mario, Gil war jedoch mehr ein „Sega boy“. Gegensätze, die sich auch musikalisch anziehen und ergänzen sollten, wie sie mir später erzählten.

noisiv.de: You had like three shows yesterday, at Ray’s, Terrace Hill and N-Joy. That must have been really intense, right?

Gil: Really intense.

Yael: We didn’t sleep.

Gil: We woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning the day before.

Yael: And had two flights. We went straight from the airport to the Ray Cokes Show. But we had fun and the adrenaline was high.

Gil: And the crowd was great actually.

Yael: In each of the shows!

You know, I had been at the Dockville Festival and everybody I knew wanted to see Lola Marsh. That’s where you know, that somethings going on.

Yael: It’s cool to hear!

Gil: It was hot at Dockville.

Yael: Oh my god. In the middle of the show I took a bottle of water and poured it all over myself. Laughs I didn’t care.

So, you had all those beautiful flowers around you at Terrace Hill yesterday…

Yael: It was just a little tiny bit of the arrangement.

Gil: We didn’t have time…

Yael: … but usually I have two huge bags in my suitcase with flowers and decorations. It’s really, really nice, cause it’s like a therapy for me. When we are doing the soundcheck I’m organizing the flowers by myself. It’s something that I like to do.

I never saw flowers at a club or at a concert location before and just looking at them gave me this weird feeling of Life. You see people smoking and drinking and seeing flowers is like the complete opposite of it.

Yael: Yeah! I think it’s important for us and sometimes you need something visual to help the audience get inside of your world. So you need to see a full show, cause then you will see the full expierience!

I definitely will! Do you also have flowers everywhere when you are in the studio?

Yael: Laughs No! But I have lots of flowers and plants in my room actually.

Gil: Don’t you remember, that when we recorded some of the tracks for the album, you brought in some lights?

Yael: Oh, that’s true! I forgot about it!

Gil: You put them into the vocal room to get some little vibes.

Yael: Yeah, and I brought all kinds of postcards from India and all kinds of places where I’ve been to. It was nice, it gave me a bit of inspiration.

Speaking of beautiful visuals, you’ve worked with director Colin Solal Cardo on the video for „You’re Mine“ and the La Blogothèque session. Both videos were amazing to watch, you rarely get this kind of combined musical and visual expierence live, aswell as on YouTube. Is this an important element for you to have?

Yael: Yeah, definitely. I’m a really aesthetic person. I always like fix people and need symmetry, need colours and need it to be beautiful in the eye too, not only in the ear. So the connection with Colin was just really cool, as he had these things in mind as well.

Lola Marsh - You're Mine EP

I also really liked the artwork for your current „You’re Mine“ EP.

Gil: It took us a lot of time to find the right idea for the EP cover. It was important to us, that it should be in the same world as the music and it needed to be special to us. Not like putting in a picture of something…

…Or giving it to the label.

Yael: Yeah, we wanted to be inside of the process. And now I’m thinking about the cover of the album. It’s freaking me out! Laughs I’m not lying to you.

Have you already got some ideas going around in your head?

Yael: I have lots.. I have too many ideas!

Gil: All the time.

You know, there are still singles you could put some artwork on.

Yael: Actually.. It’s quite a good idea.

You could also release some live recordings and get more space to put some artwork on.

Gil: Cool!

Yael: That’s nice! So I can spread my ideas? That’s really good…

Gil: Laughs

Yael: I’m gonna call you tommorrow and we talk more! Laughs

Your wikipedia-page says that you two met each other at Gil’s birthday party.

Yael: Yeah!

Gil: That’s correct!

Have you two played at different bands in that time?

Yael: Kind of, yeah.

Gil: I had a band! We had this weird name: Dr. John Butler Electrical Massage Machine! Laughs It was a really long name.

Yael: Laughs

Gil: In short it was just „The Butlers“. And it was like an Indie-Prog-Rock-Folk-Band. Laughs

Yael: Actually, they were really good! The songs were amazing.

What happened to The Butlers?

Gil: I think it wasn’t the right stage in time and the right people to this with, because it’s not only about writing songs and the creative stuff, it’s also about hard work. You need to dedicate yourself totally into this process. No matter if it’s artworks, touring or rehearsals…

„You need to dedicate yourself totally into this process”

Yael: … and where you wanna go and what you want with your music. We had all of this in common.

Gil: Almost from the first day when we met each other, we knew: „Okay, we’re doing it! We don’t know what, but we’re doing it!“. Laughs

Yael: We had the same good feeling about it. I liked the way he played, he liked the way I was singing and it was like: „Let’s do it! Let’s create a band together!“.

Gil: I remember that people, at the time when I met Yael, asked me what I would do in my life. I said I am a musician and that I have a band: „Lola Marsh! You will hear about us!“

Yael: … and we had nothing at the time!

Gil: Yeah! Laughs

Yael: We had like three songs, maybe two and played in really small pubs around Tel Aviv.

Gil: But our dream was the same.

I guess being in a band must be the hardest thing to do, as you travel and be around each other all the time.

Yael: Of course. We fight a lot!

Gil: Yeah, we fight a lot, but I think it’s okay, cause in the end our goal and the dream are the same.

Yael: We also have the rest of the band. It’s so important that they are with us, especially on tour…

Gil: They are helping us to not-fight! Laughs

Yael: …and not to kill each other! Laughs

Gil: Yeah, that’s the vibe! Laughs

Did you find your sound right away?

Gil: Absolutely not.

Yael: It took a while, yeah.

Gil: We are still developing all the time. We just talked about the album, where we want it to be like „Lola Marsh“, you know? Like when you hear it, that you immediately think of Lola Marsh.

„We are really working hard on the album right now.”

Yael: Something distinguished.

Gil: We are really working hard on the album right now. It’s fun, challenging and interesting, but most of the time it’s really interesting, cause you are just searching deep inside of yourself. Like what do you want to do?

Yael: And what do you want to say?

Gil: And who you want to be? And I think we have lots of things inside us, that we want to say.

Yael: You know, [Gil] came from a certain world and I came from a certain world. And I remember our first meeting. I was like: „Do you like to hear this artist?“ And he’s like: „No!“.

Gil: I hate it! Laughs

Yael: … Then he was like: „Hear this song!“ and I was like: „No…“. So it took us some time to create a taste of things we both like. Now we just need to continue. Sometimes it’s really hard not to look around and be like „Oh, I like this! And this!“, you know. But we need to ask ourselves: „Is this us? Is this Lola Marsh?“. This is the question.

I think it’s safe to say that the LP is around the corner?

Gil: Yeah, it is.

Have you got a release date yet?

Gil: I’m pretty sure and hope that it’ll be at the beginning of…

Yael: Next year!

Gil: Something like march…

So it’ll be a spring record?

Yael: Yeah… Actually, a spring record is us, when I’m thinking about it.

Gil: We could be a winter record too! Laughs

Yael: No, it’s spring. Definitely spring.

I still have a random question for you, I was asking this several other bands too. If there’s one song from the 80s, you wish you had written, which one would it be?

Yael: Woooow! Gil, you’re taking this question! Laughs

Gil: Wow, it’s a great question. I had this in mind [starts singing „Mad World“ by Tears For Fears]: „All around me are familiar faces, nanana…“

Yael: Oh my god, it’s a perfect song! The lyrics and the melody are just perfect, but I hate the production on this song. I liked the cover that came afterwards by Gary Jules and Michael Andrews.

Gil: Which was used in the „Donnie Darko“ movie. It was amazing.

Yael: I liked this one better, yeah. Good choice!

Gil: Actually, I think they wrote a lot of amazing songs during the 80s, but went a little bit too far with some ideas I think. Laughs

Gil and Yael, thank you for taking the time!

Yael: You’re welcome!

Gil: Thank you, for your time!

Das war unser Interview mit Lola Marsh am Rande des Reeperbahn Festivals 2016! Vielen Dank für’s lesen. Mehr zu diesem und anderen Interviews vom #RBF16 wird es in der kommenden Folge von NOISIV Radio auf TIDE 96.0 am 18. Oktober geben!