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Mit ihrem neuen Album „Death Song“ haben The Black Angels ein richtiges Brett abgeliefert. Welche Bands unter anderem den Sound der Band aus Texas beeinflusst hat und für wie wichtig sie die Meinung außenstehender Personen wie Fans und Presse halten, könnt ihr im NOISIV INTERVIEW lesen.

Congratulations to the release of Death Song. Do you feel any relief just now after the whole strain during the album process?

Thank you! Yeah, it was a 3 year process from writing to recording, so it’s nice to be done and back on the road again.

After the release of your new album, do you care about good or bad critics, which are published by the press? How important is the opinion of your fans?

Of course you’d like for the reviews to only be positive. We don’t release anything we’re not proud of, so for critics to tear down a record is pretty upsetting, but on the other hand it’s nice to read good reviews of something you’ve put so much of your soul into. I remember reading somewhere that critics are failed artists. Since they failed on the creation side, they converted to tearing things down.

At the end of the day if we enjoy what we’ve created and the fans enjoy it as well, then we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.

While listening to your album, I just thought that’s its brilliant to hear a real rock album again instead of an overproduced album targeting to end up at the top of the billboard charts. Can you still create your music without being influenced by a big company behind and having the pressure of needing the highest commercial success?

Of course, that’s what we’ve been doing since 2004.

Psychedelische Riffs mit Wucht: The Black Angels und ihr Album „Death Song“

Es war im Februar 2010, als Wolfmother nach Hamburg kamen, um Songs aus ihrem damaligen neuen Album „Cosmic Egg“ vorzustellen. Meine größte Überraschung an diesem Abend... Weiterlesen →

I can hear a lot of different vibes from the late centuries in Death Song. When I hear „I dreamt“ or „I’d Kill For Her“ I think of the typical psychedelic sound from the 70ths. But later „Hunt Me Down“ reminds me of bands from the 90ths era like Jane’s Addiction or The Stone Roses. Which bands have influenced your sound?

The Velvet Underground, Clinic, 13th Floor Elevators, Suicide, Syd Barrett (& early Pink Floyd), The Jesus & Mary Chain, Love, The Beatles, Bo Diddley, Spacemen 3, BJM, Joy Division, BRMC, The Doors, The Zombies, Radiohead, Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Can, Bob Dylan, Jacques Dutronc, The Byrds, Dead Meadow, Donovan, Francoise Hardy, Blind Willie McTell, Phil Spector, Red Crayola, The Warlocks, Bukka White, The Kinks, The Verve, The Troggs, and so many more I can’t even think of right now…

It’s difficult to pick out just one song of Death Song because the whole album itself works perfectly together. Do you have any favorite song on your new album?

Right now I’m really liking ‘Grab As Much (as you can)’

Your track „Young Men Dead“ was played in the popular HBO Series True Detective. What kind of influence did that have for The Black Angels? Has something changed afterwards?

That definitely helped spread the word about the band. Anytime our music is used in a movie or tv show it helps for more people to find out about us.

In the past you supported bands like the Queens of the Stone Age or Wolfmother. Is there any band where you would immediately subscribe to be supporter of?

Radiohead or The Jesus & Mary Chain

In autumn you are coming to play some shows in Europe. Are we going to see you again in Hamburg?

Unfortunately we’re only playing in Cologne & Berlin this time around, but i’m sure we’ll be back through Hamburg in 2018.