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Mit ihrem neuen Album „Signs of Light“ haben The Head And The Heart eindrucksvoll bewiesen, dass die sechsköpfige Band aus Seattle noch lange nicht genug hat. Das neue Werk bietet wieder jede Menge Hit-Potenzial und überzeugt in seiner vollen Länge, wie ich bereits in meiner Rezension schrieb.

Nach ihrer kreativen Pause geht die Folk-Band wieder auf große Tour. Dabei machen sie auch einen Zwischenstopp in Deutschland. Am 24. September werden The Head And The Heart im Rahmen des Reeperbahn Festivals im Docks ab 22:10 Uhr auftreten.

Im Interview erzählt Keyboarder Kenny Hensley unter anderem, wie die Setlist vor den Gigs entstehen, was er von deutschem Essen hält und welche Bands er gerne mal supporten würde.

Congratulations on your new album “Signs of Light”! While listening to it, I felt a new spirit in your music. Do you think that your hiatus was the best way to replenish your batteries again?

Definitely! We had toured so extensively over the 4 years or so before taking this time we felt it was necessary. To be able to live a normal life and be home for a bit, and not surrounded by each other’s company constantly. It was exactly what we needed.

Your new album is full of good tracks. How do you manage to create setlists for your gigs without losing the balance for fans of the old records?

It’s really nice having so many songs to choose from now. We always have the staples that will almost always be in the set so every night before we play we decide as a group what other we’d like to weave in depending on how we’re feeling or what songs we feel like playing. Always try to keep it pretty balanced for record to record though.

In my review about ”Signs of Light”, I wrote that when I listen to ”Library Magic”, there seem to be influences by Fleet Foxes. Is there any connection to their music?

There wasn’t a direct influence from them for that song. We are all fans but that song came to be what it is now naturally. We are both Seattle bands, and we’re both on Subpop. Haha! So definitely some similarities there and sure they’ve been an underlying influence in some way but we’ve never sought out to write songs that sound like Fleet Foxes. They do that just fine.

The Head and The Heart – Signs of Light (Album-Review)

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Which bands were influences for you while creating this record?

We wrote a lot of the record in California and feel like a few of us were on a random Eagles kick. 70s Eagles/Hotel California era really influenced the artwork and style and sound we shot for this time around.

„I think doing some shows with Wilco would be really amazing.“

In late June 2011 I visited a brilliant concert where The Head And The Heart was supporting Death Cab For Cutie in Hamburg. I can remember people being totally fond of you; especially “Rivers and Roads” gave them goose bumps. Which memories do you have with Hamburg?

We love going to Germany in general! It’s tough cause most of the time you don’t have a lot of opportunity to go see much of the cities you’re in but our German fans have always been so great. Also a huge fan of good German food so in heaven whenever we’re there.

Talking about Death Cab For Cutie, do you still have a relationship with the band or was it just the touring?

We aren’t super close friends or anything but see each there around every once in a while and always catch up when we do. They are great guys though and touring with them was amazing. Dream come true for me. They were a hugely influential band for me during my high school years.

Do you have a band that you would love to support on a tour?

I think doing some shows with Wilco would be really amazing. Arcade Fire out on an amazing show also so that would be cool. Can think of a handful of old 60s/70s era bands that still tour i’d be in 100% if asked to do a support tour.

I’m really looking forward to see you at Reeperbahn Festival this month. Another interesting band, who will play at the same time, are the fantastic Wintersleep. Why shouldn’t people, who aren’t sure yet where to go, miss your gig?

I think we’re a fairly new name in Germany and Europe in general but we’ve played a ton so I think we’ll surprise people with our ability. We’re excited to put on a good show and think that will show.

And will you visit other bands‘ gigs at this festival?

Definitely would like to check out some other bands while there. Can’t wait to be there!

Thank you very much for this interview. I’m very excited on how your new tracks will sound live. I hope that you have enough space on your setlist to play ”Sounds like Hallelujah”!