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Das erlebst du auch nicht alle Tage: das House-Duo The Chainsmokers, gerade mal vor drei Jahren in New York gegründet, landet mit der EDM-Hymne und Social-Media-Persiflage „#selfie“ einen weltweiten Megahit – und hat die Schnauze voll davon. Trotz zahlreicher Gastauftritte von u.a. US-Rapper Snoop Dogg und einer Klickzahl von über 400 Millionen Views, verlassen Alex und Drew von The Chainsmokers nun den sicheren Hafen des Erfolgsounds. In Zusammenarbeit mit der jungen Indie-Pop Künstlern Rozes ist nun „Roses“ entstanden – oder auch: eine wunderschöne Kehrtwende um 180°:

Wir sprachen mit den New Yorker-DJ’s im Mail-Interview über die mutige Absage ihres Welthits „#selfie“, warum es den Sound der Band mit „Roses“ in eine neue Richtung zog und welche deutschen Elektro-Acts sich auch bei The Chainsmokers in der Heavy Rotation befinden. Hey Alex, hey Drew! Thanks for taking the time doing this interview with us! Given the short time you guys make music together, did you ever get the chance to play Germany?

Alex (The Chainsmokers): Yes, we have played Germany a couple times! We love coming there! The people of Germany have such great taste in music and also we cannot lie, the food is the best!

I gotta admit something here right out of the bat: I thought „#selfie“ was great, but I wasn’t sure if you’ll be the band I need to follow based on that. „Roses“ totally changed that, given it’s beautiful indie-pop vibe and the collaboration with Rozes. Both tracks couldn’t be more different from one-another – so I gotta ask: where will The Chainsmokers go from here?

Haha, we totally understand where you are coming from. If you were listening to our music before „#selfie“, like all our remixes, you would have a better understanding of the type of artists we are interested in being but most people didn’t know us before „#selfie“. As far as after „Roses“ we are feeling more confident than we have ever about our music and we are just going to continue to push ourselves and try new things musically. Drew is actually singing full on, on our next track which we think will be a really big move for us and the song is amazing!

Seriously, „Roses“ might be one of the best pop-tracks I’ve heard in a while and somewhat reminded me of the impact Lorde had in 2013, shaking up main stream pop-music big time. Can you see yourselves producing and writing more into that kind of direction?

Well, first off thank you! thats one of the nicest comparisons that has ever been made about our music. And we absolutely see ourselves continuing in the direction of „Roses“, we call it future pop, haha! But we are just doing what feels natural and we aren’t going to try and make „Roses“ again, we want to move forward. The next single we wrote, produced and sing on, so if that’s not a step forward than we don’t know what is! :)

I’ve read that you even stopped performing „#selfie“ in the United States. A bold move, putting into account that it kickstarted your career. Will you do an exception once your tour hits Europe in February, or do you rather see it as a chance to reinvent The Chainsmokers in a sense, keeping the song out of the frame from the beginning?

There will be no more „#selfie“. Maybe once in a blue moon for a laugh but we don’t plan on playing it otherwise. We are proud of it buts it’s not the sound we are playing anymore.

Let me take you back to Germany for a bit. I know you guys are part of a vibrant EDM-scene overseas, but I’m curious to know if there are also any german acts or influences you guys caught up with in the last couple of months.

Yes! Klangkarussell is the shit as well as Robin Schulz! There are likely a ton of other German artists we love that we don’t realize are German!

I think you guys surprised a couple of people, mentioning Sigur Rós as one of your favourite artists to work with in the future. Unfortunately it seems, that a lot of popular EDM acts aren’t willing to take those risks to explore these kind of collaborations. Do you see yourselves on a mission to change that the next couple of years?

Yeah! Well, we are always trying to push the boundaries and you can only do that by stepping out of your comfort zone and what people expect from you! Who knows what collaborations will happen, but for us, the further you are away from our genre, the better. It makes no difference as long as you’re an authentic singer song writer!

Final question: What’s more likely to happen in 2016 – Donald Trump winning the US-presidency or The Chainsmokers releasing their first ever LP?


Thank you for the interview!

*Des weiteren zählte Alex noch das Danceprojekt Klingande auf, welche allerdings aus Frankreich stammen.

Wenn ihr The Chainsmokers im DACH-Bereich noch Live erleben wollt, solltet ihr euch besser ranhalten: noch in diesem Frühjahr werden Andrew „Drew“ Taggart und Alex Pall nach München und Wien kommen! Weitere Termine werden hoffentlich im Laufe des Jahres noch folgen.

  • 26.02.2016 – München, Neuraum
  • 05.03.2016 – Wien, Praterdome

Die „Bouqet“-EP ist vergangenen Oktober via Disruptor Records/Columbia erschienen.