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Nachdem die Indie Rock Band We Were Pomised Jetpacks vor Kurzem ihre Welttournee samt Deutschland Terminen angekündigt hat, wurde bereits über ein neues Album spekuliert. Nun müssen wir nicht länger warten, die Band hat soeben ihr viertes Album „The More I Sleep The Less I Dream“ für den 14. September angekündigt. Eine erste Hörprobe gewähren uns die vier Schotten nun mit dem vielversprechenden Song „Hanging In“.

Nachdem die Band 2014 ihre letzte Headline-Tour beendete, kehrte sie in ihre Heimat zurück. Sie machten in dieser Zeit einige Veränderungen durch und kamen zu dem Entschluss, vorerst nicht mehr auf Tour zu gehen, sondern alle Energie in das neue Album zu stecken. Wir durften passend zu ihrer Album Ankündigung einige Fragen an We Were Promised Jetpacks loswerden. Sie haben uns einige Hintergründe zu „The More I Sleep The Less I Dream“ verraten und uns Musik empfohlen. Lest selbst!

It must be such an exciting time for you! You just recently announced the release date of your new album and over 40 tour dates. How does it feel to spread such great news to your fans, which are waited for this to happen since „Unravelling“ 4 years ago?

It is very exciting! We’re all excited. It’s great to have things to share again. We’ve put a lot in to this album and it’s weird now that it’s finally about to be out there after so long.

Do you needed to go back to your roots, spent some time at home, to come up with some fresh ideas for the new album?

We did. A lot went on „behind the scenes“ between this album and the last and we really needed to forget about all that extra stuff and just focus on making music together. The album is a reaction to all that stuff, it’s us taking our band back.

„(…) it’s is us taking our band back.”

Your new album is called „The More I Sleep The Less I Dream“. How did the new album title come about?

Firstly, it was a song title that was just a lyric from the song. Then when we were trying to think of album titles, one of the themes that kept cropping up in the way the album felt to us was a dreaminess. I think the title represents this well. Not just because it has the word dream in there, but because it’s wordy in a particular way. In a way that when you get midway through the title you start to just allow it to wash over you, a lot like how dreams work.

Since the release of „These Four Walls“, there have been 9 years. You released 3 records and toured a lot. Would you say being a part of We Were Promised Jetpacks for all these years formed you all as being the individuals you are now?

It’s hard to say. I mean, definitely, but we were 21 when that album came out. We were 19 when we were writing it. That means we’ve gone from 19 years old to 30/31 years old in the span of being in this band. That’s the making of a person right there. So it’s not that the band has shaped us as individuals, it’s that we’ve grown as people around the band, as there was no other choice.

For the last album you added a new bandmember. Now you are back being in the original band linup. How did this happen?

Yeah after our second album, and the touring schedule around it, we got stuck in a little bit of a rut. So we brought in another bandmember to try and fix that. In the end though, after Unravelling, we realised it was best for everyone if we went back to our original lineup.

„(…) we realised it was best for everyone if we went back to our original lineup.”

On „Unravelling“ there is the instrumental song „Pace of mind“. Can we expect another instrumental song on „The More I Sleep The Less I Dream“ as well?

There’s an instrumental on there but not one of the same scale as that song. Sorry! We’ve always been really into instrumental stuff. I’m sure we’ll end up doing more at some point, if it’s what’s best for the song.

In July 2017 you posted, that you’re about to go on stage in Germany and play the new album in full. How did it feel to play all the new songs on stage in full the first time?

It was terrifying, which was just what we needed. We ended up writing another song or two after that so it ended up not being the full album, but doing that was just what the songs needed. We wanted these songs to be absolutely ready before going in to the studio and playing that show (and a few others) really helped.

We see you advising bands like Born Ruffians, Three Blind Wolves and Explosions In The Sky to your fans over social media. Do you think it’s important to support other bands?

Sure! It’s always good to share something you like.

Which bands do you hear the most at the moment? Do you have some good advises for our readers?

It’s not a new band, but the new album from The Longcut is great. I love those guys. The song Deathmask off that album is fucking relentless, it’s great. Also the new songs released by the project Big Red Machine. We recorded our album with Jon Low and he was working on that at roughly the same time. It’s great.

Thank you for your time and answering our questions. We are looking forward to see you in Hamburg!

We Were Promised Jetpacks kommen nach Deutschland

  • 23.11.18 – Hamburg – Molotow *
  • 24.11.18 – Berlin – Lido
  • 28.11.18 – München – Ampere
  • 29.11.18 – Heidelberg – Karlstorbahnhof
  • 30.11.18 – Köln – Luxor

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