Regie: Andreas Arvidsson & Robin Asselmeyer, 2015.

Gespräche die dein Leben verändern. Treffen zwei unterschiedliche, aber wichtige Meinungen aufeinander, steht so einiges auf dem Spiel: da wäre einmal das Glück. Die Karriere. Und die Liebe. Unangenehm, aber effektiv. Gar nicht mal so abwegig, wenn gewisse Menschen diesen Teil der Entscheidungsfindung stattdessen einfach überspringen. In Talk lässt das schwedische Regie-Duo Andreas Arvidsson und Robin Asselmeyer die Menschen noch sprechen. Und handeln.

Die erste Single des Indie-House Duos Bob Moses, zu welchem es sich nicht nur auf den Straßen Stockholms schön Autofahren lässt, gibt die Forderung nach dem Gespräch an das düstere Musikvideo weiter. Nichts sei einfach nur „schwarz“ oder einfach nur „weiß“, und überhaupt könne uns nur das Gespräch mit unseren Vertrauten sagen, in welche Richtung es für uns gehen soll. Du bist eben nicht du, wenn das Gespräch nicht stattgefunden hat. Ein interessantes Thema, zu welchem wir Tom Howie und Jimmy Vallance von Bob Moses einfach mal selbst befragt haben.


Der Stil von Arvidsson & Asselmeyer erinnert dabei an diejenigen Werke, welche wir eigentlich erst von Meistern wie David Fincher im Kino erwarten. Oder mit einem grandiosen Kevin Spacey auf Netflix. Zwar verdunkelt der Clip zum Ende hin auch noch den letzten verbliebenen Sonnenstrahl auf der Erde, erinnert aber mit klassischen Polaroidaufnahmen auch an die schönen Momente. Die Momente vor dem Gespräch. Retrofilter auf Handyfotos sollten schon mal ihr Rückflugticket buchen.

Die Musiker hinter Talk: Bob Moses, so heißt es, gingen aus der New Yorker Underground Electronic Dance Szene um das Marcy Hotel Kollektiv hervor, wo sie u.a. auf die etablierten Künstler der Szene wie Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb und Nicolas Jaar trafen. Am 18. September steht nun der Release ihrer ersten Platte Days Gone By an. Ein Tag, genauso fett auf Kalendern markiert wie die Geschichte zu ihrem Bandnamen: angeblich seien Tom und Jimmy auf einer Halloween Party als Bob Dylan und Moses aufgekreuzt. Eine von vielen Geschichten. hakte im Interview mit Bob Moses für Euch nach.

Bob Moses by Nick Pomeroy

Foto: Nick Pomeroy.

Let’s talk about Talk. The video turned out to be amazing, it may even be one of this year’s best. Was it a conscious decision on your part to work with Andreas Arvidsson & Robin Asselmeyer on this one?

Thanks! We love the way the video turned out as well, Andreas and Robin are great. We weren’t aware of them before, but our management had done some work with them and suggested them as an option to us. We’ve been really lucky in the sense that for the videos so far we’ve had a couple great artists mock something up for us and we’ve been able to choose our favorite. So for this it worked the same way, and we were able to then go back and forth with them making adjustments and creative decisions. It was a real pleasure to work with them and we’re really happy with what came out as the finished product.

The song and the clip in particular are dealing with tough decisions one has to face in his or her life. You guys moved from Vancouver to New York to work on your careers. I’m sure things didn’t always go as easy as they might go now. Where did you guys go to in New York, if you needed some time off to think about tough decisions?

To be honest, there doesn’t always feel like there is a place to go in New York. It’s an amazingly beautiful and vibrant city, but it can also feel a bit like a trap sometimes. The business, the constant movement of people…sometimes it gets very lonely and you can feel a bit lost. It may sound a bit cliche, but really we would just retreat into our studio and our music at times like this. Music writing and production has always been a bit of a cathartic process for us, so our solution for this sort of feeling is just to put our heads down and work!

Going somewhere to think stuff through is one thing. But as we like to imagine that the actress in the video for Talk is listening to your record as she drives through Stockholm, we’d like to know what you guys listen to, to get a fresh view on things. Are there any artists that have the ability to almost always get you back on track?

We’ve been listening to lots of great stuff lately. Sufjan Stevens, Tame Impala, Portable Sunsets, Ghost Culture, Maribou State….these are some of the artists we’ve been really into recently and which we’ve found on our searches for good tracks for podcasts, etc. But as far as staples that always get us back on track…anything by The Beatles, obviously, The Rolling Stones, Al Greene, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Radiohead, The Police, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Hendrix, Clapton….basically just good old solid classics can ever steer your wrong!

So you basically went from Canada to New York and now you’re about to hit the stage worldwide. That must be one hell of an inspirational trip, I imagine! Do you actually find time to process it?

It’s pretty overwhelming, really. We’ve been traveling the world hard now for the last couple years, flying all over the place playing awesome shows, and things feel like they are just starting to ramp up in a big way again now. We don’t really have time to process it, to be honest. But sometimes you have these sort of “a-ha!” moments where you are hit with a wave of realization of how well things are going and what’s going on. It’s a weird thing when your dreams start to come true, you’ve spent so long thinking about it and fantasizing and scheming…and then all of a sudden it starts happening and compared to the amount of time you’ve spent working towards it and thinking about it, it happens super quick! So it’s definitely a whirlwind, but it’s a hell of a ride and a total blast and we are loving every second of it, for however long it lasts. We’re very grateful to be able to do this.

I’ve learned that electronic musicians got the benefit of being able to actually work on tracks, even when they’re on the tourbus or up in the air. How does that work for a duo like Bob Moses? Are you both working on songs at the same time?

We are always working on tracks and song ideas here and there, but we aren’t super good at doing it on the plane. We are just about to do our first bus tour, so we’ll let you know how it goes there soon ;) haha. It’s definitely great to start ideas on the go, as the change of pace and new circumstances can sometimes jolt you into inspiration, but as far as finishing ideas and fully producing tracks, we like to take all our ideas back to our studio and really give them the attention they need and deserve.

The thing I love about Days Gone By is, that it got tracks that fit to a variety of different moods and feelings one can go through in life. If you could choose just now: which would be the perfect location to perform Days Gone By at?

We haven’t played the whole album in it’s entirety yet, so this is a hard one….but we just played two shows at Burning Man. We played one at sun rise, and another at sun set. Being out in the desert with people who are really in a mood to be free and open to any experience, in a beautiful natural location that really makes you feel small and like you’re a part of something bigger, on incredible state of the art sound systems that have been crafted and put together by people who really care about what they are doing and what they are presenting…this was pretty special, and we can’t think of much better of a place to play than that!

What I also loved about Days Gone By is it’s density, which not only drags you to the dancefloor lots of times, but also in it’s impact seems comparable to a soundtrack of a movie to some extend. Was that intentional? Is there any movie you wish had written the soundtrack for?

We would love to do a soundtrack to a movie someday, it’s always been a goal and desire of ours. Even though Vangelis did an incredible job…would still love to have a crack at Blade Runner! That movie is driven by the music, and the film itself has a lot of dynamics. One day, down the line, a film score is definitely something we’d love to sink our teeth into.

Oh and by the way, I love that story about you guys meeting each other at some Halloween party as Bob Dylan and Moses. This year’s Halloween is coming up. Any plans?

We’ll be playing in Miami for Halloween, so we can’t wait! We always have a blast there and have lots of great friends. It’ll no doubt be a freaky time!

Thank you for the interview!

Thank you!

Die Debüt-LP Days Gone By erscheint am 18. September via Domino.